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There are a limited supply of masks per design - subject to availability

Oahu Masks was created to provide  affordable face masks as suggested by the CDC and our local government officials.    We are helping those that  may not have the resources or cannot make their own masks.   All materials are washed prior to sewing but we recommend that you wash your mask again before using.    This website is provided to show you the designs available.   Our store is now set up to order online or by calling us directly with the mask fabric style order number.    We can ship to you locally or to the mainland at an additional nominal fee via the US Postal service.    TO PURCHASE CALL 808-621-3000 and place your order.   We can arrange a pick up if you live in central Oahu or we can mail your masks.

Inventory is limited and subject to availability.   We hope to add new print designs daily and remove those that are sold out. Because our Masks are custom made in Hawaii we cannot guarantee that all designs listed are available even though you may order it though the cart.    Sometimes our items may be damaged during sewing so there maybe a change in inventory levels.   Please be understanding with us.  


Kids Masks are available!   Most designs for adults can now be made for children.   Just give us a call!

Call for the lastest designs!

K198 a.JPG

Kids masks!

Fun, colorful and exciting!

Your children will love the Oahu Masks for Kids!   Call for the most up to date fabric designs!    The price is the same as the adult masks.   It takes the same amount of time to make a childrens mask and an adult mask.   You can now get any adult mask design in a Kids mask.   Please call if you want a specific deisgn for you kids mask.

K205 b.JPG

Our inventory of Kid masks is changing daily.     If you need Kid masks call us at 808- 621-3000 and we can let you know which fabic styles are available.

Now In Stock


A limited amount of Kid Masks are available in very limited quantities.   So order soon!      All Masks have limited quanities.   MASKS WILL BE SHIPPED 1-3 DAYS AFTER YOUR ORDER AND PAYMENT.


About Oahu Masks

The picture shown is what it looks like when you open the pleats on your mask.   Camo is very popular and is almost sold out.    Inventory is limited and subject to change.

Oahu Masks is a family run operation located in beautiful Wahiawa.    During the COVID 19 pandemic, we had to shut down our successful party rental company.    We had the resources to make masks and felt there was a need for them.    Now that everyone is now required to wear a mask when they shop or out of the home the demand is even greater.     We are only a two man team so please be patient as we try to make more designs available, answer the phone and  try to fill the orders.   Thank you for your business!


Oahu Masks

Our masks are made from 100% cotton and are washable and reusable. 

We recommend washing before first use.

Please understand that our face masks are not a replacement for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment, and in circumstances where medical grade Personal Protective Equipment is recommended, you should consult a health care professional. The decision to use this mask is solely your own.

Please remember that use of face masks is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, washing your hands and refraining from touching your face.  Follow the latest advice of the CDC and your own health care professionals as to how best to keep yourself safe.


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